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2022 Intronization - Bay Colony Beach Club


2015 Intronization Wine Displays

2017 Intronization

New Members: Christine Williamson and Robert (Bob) Fisher

Peter Hayden, Maitre Detroit

& Jim Carthaus

2018 Intronization

New Commandeurs

in 2018

Stephen Ross and his sponsor Murray Reichenstein (Left), and

Douglas Mahaffy and his sponsor Ric Phillips (Right)

Présidents de Parlement

Norm Thompson and Steve Reimer

Bocce & Bordeaux 2018

Sandi Moran and Christine Williamson with Julien Rothschild at La Prix De La Danse on

June  16, 2018  at Château Clerc Milon

Tom and Sandi Moran with Christine Williamson at Fete de la Fleur Dinner  - June 2018

Steve and Christine Ross

Jon DeMoss and Ric Phillips

Naples Yacht Club

January 2020

Paul St. Onge

Commandeurs Bruce Lane and Tom Bulloch with Reg Garrett

Commandeurs Marguerite Hambleton with Ed and Becky Delahanty

2020 Intronisation - Bay Colony Beach Club

Inaugural Intronization  - 1998

Chris Steffen (Left) - Michael D'Alessandro  - Jim Carthaus & Arnie Bronton and Bob Morris

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