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The Commanderie de Bordeaux à Naples was established in 1998 and since its initial Parlement and Intronization (induction) of 16 members, the Chapter has grown to its current and maximum membership of 35 Commandeurers (Members).

The Commanderie - Naples holds eight parlements each year that are typically held between October and May to cater for members who reside in Naples on a seasonal basis.  Each parlement is a unique event and is always held at one the finest restaurants or private clubs in Naples.  The Chapter holds five luncheons annually that are limited to members and guests, and three dinners that are for members, spouses or significant others.

The membership is diverse and attracts male and female oenophiles from across the United States, Canada and Europe. Several of our members have properties in France and most of our members enjoy traveling and visiting Bordeaux whenever time and their passion for great Bordeaux permits.

Commanderie - Naples falls under the auspices of Commanderie de Bordeaux aux États-Unis d'Amérique, however all local activities are directed and guided by  Le Conseil, comprised of Commandeurers of the Naples Chapter.

Le Conseil
Jon DeMoss
Tom  Bulloch
Argentier & Herault
Joe Wall
Ric Phillips
Intendant des Festivities
Ken Johnson
Event Planning
Christine Williamson
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